Riteband - The Marketplace for Music

Hum along with your latest investment.

Riteband is a marketplace for music that lets anyone invest in songs and share the profits from the music industry.
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Create a portfolio that rocks.

Everyone’s invited

Riteband unlocks the hidden world of music investing and invites you to take a seat at the table.

A piece of the real pie

Each rite you own equals a share of the money that the song generates. It’s the real deal.

No middleman

Artists get paid directly and share their future profits with you.

Safe, not sorry

Safe and secure payments through direct transfers between e-wallets. Withdraw your money at any time at no cost.

Assets made for the charts

Discover music from up and coming or established artists. Like it? Own it.

Empower the artists

Put a price on music, contribute to fair trade, and shift the power to the artists.

Bet your money on a beat you like.

We’re Riteband and we’re committed to democratizing the music industry by letting anyone invest in songs and share the profits alongside the songwriters themselves.
Our vision is to enable transparent and objective valuation of music through an open market so it can be valued like any other asset in society such as a company stock, gold or coffee.
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The Team

Linda Portnoff

CEO and Founder

Anna Ingler

Head of Music

Olga Stern


Mårten Forslund