What’s the value of music? Trade it to find out.

Riteband is a Swedish start-up in the intersection of music, fintech and gaming, developing a music stock exchange that will offer faster funding for music rights owners and innovative investment opportunities for everyone, from music lovers to institutional investors.

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Riteband is the global online stock market for music offering trade in rites, i.e. shares of future cash flows from music copyrights. Riteband activates the copyright asset and brings faster cash flows to music copyright holders. Riteband creates a secondary market for music copyrights, and allows expectation values to be realized through trading. Riteband contributes to a sustainable future for creators of intangible rights in the digital era. Riteband is planning to officially launch in 2019.

Rites are the name of our products that are built on music copyrights. Bands is slang word for money in some classic hip hop lyrics. It refers to the rubber bands that are used to corral large stacks of dollar bills. Riteband = Right money/money from music rights. Or, you can think of it as a way of financing the right band (according to your taste of course). Support your favorite band. Find the hit. Make money.

In the same way any company can publicly fund its operations, a songwriter and publisher can sell stocks in the future cash flow emanating from the copyright of their songs. This means money now for the copyright holders, instead of after the song has generated airplay, streams etcetera.

a. From royalties:  Riteband has partnership agreements with collecting societies globally and re-distributes the royalties they collect to the stock holders according to their holdings.

b. From trading: The same way investors make money from the stock exchange. The investors in rites can realize money from expected returns by selling off at higher prices than they bought for.

Riteband is a secure and safe platform which allows investors/fans to both buy and sell stocks in songs and stand to gain a financial return on their investments.  The fan-funded model is brilliant for creating a connection between an artist and the fan by providing a platform for independent artists to raise funds by their fans to record an album or go on tour etc. The return on investment for the investor/fan is by the most part only an experiential return such as album credits, access to recording sessions, signed merchandise, albums etcetera and in some cases a very small dividend for every album sold. 

Riteband however does much more – it provides:

a. a safe and secure platform for authors to raise capital for their next album or tour.

b. a financing opportunity for music copyright holders through transparent market pricing of their catalogue. Riteband helps music publishers get better credit ratings and lower interest costs as a result.

c. a safe and secure platform for investors/fans to receive a financial return on their investments opposed to only experiential returns.

d. songwriters and publishers with a platform in which they can change the future and re-educate the younger generation on the value of music.

a. Riteband’s tailor made algorithms help guide the IPO - initial public offering. The pricing model is based on historical data (airplay for example) and estimates of future cash flows that will help authors/publishers assess the initial stock price.

b. As trade begins – supply and demand on an open market will set the price.

CEO & Founder: Linda Portnoff
CTO: Tone Pedersen
Data Mining & Analysis: Aya Rizk
Full-Stack Developer: Pontus Thorsson
Product & Market: Anna Ingler

Financial Consultant: Niklas Lundquist
Branding & Design Consultant: Repeat Studio

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